Policy papers

Published policy papers

  • Monetary Policy Decision-Making by Committee: Why, When and How it Can Work. Accepted for publication in the European Journal of Political Economy (July 2021).
    • Download paperhere 
  • The Effects of the Monetary Policy Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic: Preliminary Evidence from a Pilot Study using Austrian bank-level Data. Monetary Policy and the Economy Q4 (2020) – Q1 (2021), pp. 131-152 (joint with C. Kwapil, OeNB).
    • Download paper: here
  • Principles, circumstances and constraints: the Nationalbank as lender of last resort from 1816 to 1931. Monetary Policy and the Economy Q3-4 (2016), pp.140-162 (joint with C. Jobst, University of Vienna).
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Policy working papers

  • The Macroeconomic Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy: A Tool-Kit Approach. OeNB Economic Analysis and Research Department, mimeo (2019).
    • Currently under revision by author