Working papers

Financial Stability Policies and Bank Lending: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Federal Reserve Interventions in 1920-21
Supervision without Regulation: Discount Limits at the Austro-Hungarian Bank, 1909-1913
Dating the Lender of Last Resort
The (Not So) Quiet Period: Communication by ECB Decision-makers during Monetary Policy Blackout Days
  • With P. Gnan, WU Vienna
  • Available as CEPR Discussion Paper 15735/2021
  • Download paper (incl. appendix): here (submitted to journal)
  • Previous version circulated with the title: “Who Talks During Monetary Policy Quiet Periods, and Why? Evidence from the European Central Bank’s Governing Council”
A Historic(al) Run on Repo: Causes of Bank Distress during the Austro-Hungarian Gründerkrach of 1873 
Haunting the Specter of Credit Rationing: Unconventional Last Resort Lending during the Austro-Hungarian Gründerkrach of 1873

Ongoing Research Projects

Central Bank Communication by ??? 
The Impact of Tariff Protection: Evidence from British Colonies in Australia
Designing Effective Gender Quotas: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Austrian Firm-level Data
Financial Network Topology and Historical Market Crashes: Evidence from the Austro-Hungarian Gründerkrach of 1873
The Vienna Real Estate Market, 1868-1990: The First Long-run real estate price index for Austria
Was there a Farm Channel to the Great Depression in the United States? New Evidence from County-Level Data on Farm Foreclosures (hibernated)