Working papers

Financial Stability Policies and Bank Lending: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Federal Reserve Interventions in 1920-21
Banking Regulation (Long) before Basel: Evidence from Discount Limits at the Austro-Hungarian Bank 
What You Owe or Who You Know? The Recipients of Central Bank Liquidity during the English Crisis of 1847
Who Talks During Monetary Policy Quiet Periods, and Why? Evidence from the European Central Bank’s Governing Council
A Historic(al) Run on Repo: Causes of Bank Distress during the Austro-Hungarian Gründerkrach of 1873 
Haunting the Specter of Credit Rationing: Unconventional Last Resort Lending during the Austro-Hungarian Gründerkrach of 1873

Ongoing Research Projects

Was there a Farm Channel to the Great Depression in the United States? New Evidence from County-Level Data on Farm Foreclosures
The Vienna Real Estate Market, 1868-1990: The First Long-run real estate price index for Austria (running 2018-2021)
The Impact of Tariff Protection: Evidence from British Colonies in Australia
Female Representation and Corporate Performance: Quasi-experimental Evidence from the Introduction of Gender Quotas in Austria
Financial Network Topology and Historical Market Crashes: Evidence from the Austro-Hungarian Gründerkrach of 1873